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The Painted Lady of Wells

Lady of WellsEarlier this year a medieval mystery story from the 15th century made headlines in the popular press. From the BBC:

A mysterious medieval wall painting found beneath the floor of the Bishop of Bath and Wells’ bedroom has given up its secrets.

The painting, which shows a partly-clad woman wearing a transparent dress, dates from between 1460 and 1470.

It was part of the decoration of the throne room of Bishop Thomas Beckynton.

Dr Mark Horton, of Bristol University, who researched the painting discovered it is most likely to be part of a scene representing a medieval paradise.

Dr. Horton was able to identify and estimate the date of the painting because a dipiction of the room with the painting was discovered in a medieval manuscript. Dr Horton said:

The amazing thing is that this medieval manuscript accurately records what was on the wall. This included details of foliage and fruits which we then were able to find behind the heating pipes next to the image of the lady. It was rather like something out of the Da Vinci Code, creeping beneath the bishop’s floorboards to come face to face with this incredible piece of medieval art.

I think it’s a much better beginning for book than the Da Vinci code. Imagine where a naked lady on the wall of a 15th century Bishop’s throne room could take you.

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